If You’re Treating Your Child’s ADD With Drugs, You Could Be Causing Them More Harm 

In our free report, we will show you what your doctor isn’t telling you, why you should be concerned and how you can dramatically reduce ADD symptoms without harmful drugs

ADD forces your child to quietly suffer in a daily nightmare. They aren’t performing well in school compared to their peers. They are socially behind other children and have a difficult time making friends. They suffer from mood swings, angry outbursts, anxiety and depression. Your child feels isolated and alone. They realize they’re not like the other children. If your child has ADD, you will recognize these symptoms.

Raising kids is hard enough when they don’t have any additional problems. But a child with ADD can magnify the little day-to-day issues we all face. Your child is less likely to keep their room neat and tidy, which creates more work for you. Their disorganization prevents them from being able to complete their homework in a reasonable timeframe, which creates more work for you. And then there’s the endless bickering with their siblings.

There’s the financial impact on the family, in the form of endless prescriptions, therapy sessions, tutors and more. There are missed vacations due to summer school. The impact is not just on your child, but also you, your spouse and your other children. It just goes on and on.

Your child is at risk of dangerous side effects

You obviously want to help, so you seek out advice from medical professionals. The most common way of treating ADD is with the use of drugs, so you receive the prescription and begin the course. But you start to notice side effects, and your child isn’t themselves any more.

In fact, all drugs come with their fair share of side effects. When your child was prescribed the drugs, you may not have been told, or weren’t made fully aware of, the extent of the side effects. If you were you would probably have an opinion on if it is in the best interest of the child to potentially be exposed to:

  • Heart palpitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Panic Attacks
  • And plenty more, which you can see in our free report below

Drugs are toxic, and aside from the immediate side effects that have been outlined above, their use can lead to very serious long term effects, such as organ damage and drug dependency.

Why Doctors Continue to Prescribe Potentially Dangerous Drugs

Being aware of this information, a reasonable question for you to ask is why do doctors continue to prescribe potentially dangerous drugs to young children? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is complex. Money and politics are involved. Some physicians are actually considered “paid consultants”. This means they are paid by pharmaceutical companies. And paid extremely well, so they are not incentivized to rock the boat by advising against drugs.

Do you want to put the health of your child into the hands of somebody who doesn’t have their best interest at heart? Someone whose primary concern is their own income rather than the wellbeing of your child.

Even in instances where physicians aren’t being directly paid by big pharmaceutical companies, we still see them prescribing drugs simply because they’re ignorant of other approaches. They aren’t well informed of the most modern techniques or up to date with best practices. Many of them simply aren’t aware of the safer, alternative therapies and treatments that are available.

They simply follow the norm. A norm which is increasingly damaging to the wellbeing of our children. In the United States we live in a drug culture. We represent 5% of the world’s population and consume 75% of ALL the pharmaceuticals in the world.

There Is a Better, Drug Free Way

Rather than masking symptoms with drugs, a more effective and safer approach to helping your child is to enhance and improve their brain function. By working in this way and working to a solution, rather than masking symptoms, we often see a dramatic reduction or complete elimination of ADD symptoms.

Treating ADD in the right way and without using unnecessary drugs can offer a permanent relief with the effects lasting as long as 30 years. You child can move past their nightmare of ADD and develop into a happy and healthy individual, instead of forever being reliant on drugs.

There are 5 key characteristics and 7 subtypes of ADD. Having a good understanding of all characteristics and subtypes makes understanding what you child in going through, and eventually finding a path towards helping them, much easier. In our free report, we explain everything that you need to know about these characteristics and subtypes.

We Help Children Cope with ADD Safely and Effectively

At Pittsburgh Clearmind, we work with children suffering from ADD to understand exactly how they are being affected, and develop a program to treat their ADD without using dangerous or expensive drugs. We are experts in non-drug treatments for children and we have put together a free report including everything that you need to know.

In our free report, we outline the most recent understanding of ADD and modern techniques being used to treat ADD suffers safely and effectively. We also shine further light on how ADD works and how your can help your child to live a happier healthier life.

Our report covers:

  • What ADD really is – and what it is NOT.
  • The 7 different types of ADD and what you need to know about them
  • The “standard of care” approach that doesn't working for most kids, which you may recognise from your visits to medical professionals
  • The newest and most effective way of performing a workup on a child suffering with ADD, and how that will help them to live a fuller, healthier and happier life
  • The neurological examination you need to know about which can give you insight as to where there’s a problem in the brain
  • How to perform brain mapping on a child with ADD and why you should
  • The new method for treating ADD (which is approved & endorsed by the FDA & the American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Where you can go for help and begin the journey to help your child overcome ADD

Our report is 100% free.  It is full of information that will help you and your child begin to overcome ADD and transition into a more peaceful and contented life. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the information provided. Don’t delay this journey, get started by downloading your free report now.

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